Peace, Place and Purpose

Peace…In this time of rabid accessibility to information and the crazy speed at which life appears to travel finding moments of peace and repose seem harder to find.  And even if we craft a moment here or there in our busy day when we can simply be alone what then should we do with that time?  “Doing” can be the undoing of Peace, of Calm, of Tranquility and yet studies have demonstrated that we can be the most productive during these moments.
Peace will explore these moments and the revelations we find in them.

Places…Public lands are under siege.  Sacred spaces are being dug up for pipelines and poisoning our water supply…our precious water.  Future wars will be fought over water and other dwindling resources that are being destroyed by mankind.  We’ll look at the struggle between humans and the very spaces and places we claim to love but are so ready to destroy.

Purpose…what does that even mean?  I have some thoughts but am no authority.  Or am I?  Aren’t we all?  Isn’t Purpose whatever we want it to be…whatever we make it?

Let’s find out.


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